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About Us

When a close family member or friend develops dementia, it is likely that each family member will try to deal with their own feelings. However, within the family there are two sides which are equally sensitive and need special treatment and care under these conditions.

On the one hand, it is well known how painful a condition like Alzheimer’s is for sufferers but also for their relatives; how difficult it is for them to experience their daily life and how exhausting mentally and physically their care can be; how lonely and disoriented the patient feels when he/she cannot express himself/herself, perform basic functions, even recognize himself/herself, and how difficult and destructive is the work of those who care for such a patient. 

Children and young people also need time to adjust to the news. It can be very difficult for them, and they may need help and support to talk and understand dementia, to think about who should tell them, what and when you should tell them. You may need to help them understand what dementia is and what a diagnosis means for their relationship. In the end, all the burden of caring for and supporting both groups falls on family caregivers, who need training in managing such situations and emotional and discharge.

What we are going to do

Our aim

The abovementioned issues consist of the motivation for designing the project titled “Promoting intergenerational activities to support family caregivers of people with dementia” DEMcare4all. 


The project will develop proper training and educational materials and resources, which will support family caregivers, children and young people aged 6-17 and the demented persons themselves.

Our motto
Promoting intergenerational activities to support family caregivers of people with dementia
Training Programme
addressed to family caregivers of people with dementia
Εducational programme
targeting children/ young people
intergenerational intervention
games and art activities, involving elderly people & children/ young people
to other relevant stakeholders and the general audience.
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