Module 6
Cooperation & Collaboration

  • Target group:

    Professional caregivers and family caregivers

  • Contents:

    The module will share insights and recommendations from three groups of Dementia professionals: The Alzheimer’s Society, Residential/care home estate, Nurse Admiral

  • Responsible for the development:



Video 1 – Alzheimers Society: Is a National organisation regionally managed, which seeks to coordinate support for people with dementia and their families. In this video, Barry and Michelle ‘zoom out’ to look at cooperation between agencies and what they believe needs to happen at regional and local levels to make agencies work better together.

Video 2 – Shelley Brennan: Is a nurse of over 35 years experience in a clinical setting but who has specialized in supporting dementia patients. She focuses on her experience of collaboration with families of patients with dementia and provides a particular perspective on training and the need to continually stay up to date on research and good practice.

Video 3 – Cathrina Moore: Is a ‘Nurse Admiral’ who has overseen other nurses and healthcare professionals in the field of dementia in the residential care setting. Cathrina’s particular focus on the video is about the need for, and approach to, effective advocacy for people with dementia and maintaining the 3-way ( or triadic) relationship between professional carers, family carers and the person themselves.

Presentation - Key Teaching Points from the videos